World Mountainboard Boardercross Championship 2015 (EN)

World Mountainboard Boardercross Championship 2015
We’re inviting you to join us at this years World Mountainboard Boardercross Championship 2015 in Großerlach, Germany. After the event took place in Serbia for the last two years, we’re looking forward to host the event in Germany this year.
Hopefully we’ve covered all areas with the information below. If you however got any questions left, feel free to contact us using the contact form, send us an email at info[at] or a message via Facebook.

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  1. Thursday, September 10th
    Cozy arrival and reception
    Lift operation only if neeeded
  2. Friday, September 11th
    · Common breakfast
    · Training
    · Qualification round
    · Common dinner
    · Cozy evening at the event location
    Lift operation all day long
  3. Saturday, September 12th
    · Common breakfast
    · Final round
    · Freestyle
    · Award ceremony
    · Common dinner
    · Aftershow party with live music & DJ
    Lift operation all day long
  4. Sunday, September 13rd
    · Common breakfast
    · Departure


The track for the boardercross competition is about 600 meters long and wide enough to fit in four riders at the same time. As a special service a lift can be used to get on top again. Take a look at the two videos below to see the track in action at the German Open in 2014.

After the debut last year we’ll improve the track with crushed sand and the corners in the lower part to maintain the speed from the top until the finish line.

Process & Rules

The competition will be held on two days. On Friday there will be the qualification round followed by the final round and the freestyle session on Saturday.
Each rider participating in the qualification round will have three runs in groups of four riders. Each rider will start in three different groups. Each rider gains points (1th place – 5 points, 2nd place – 3 points, 3rd place – 2 points, 4th place – 1 point) which will be summed up after the qualification round. To deal with the case when riders got the same amount of points, we’ll track the time for each ride and each rider as well (only the best time out of the three runs will be saved). If two riders got the same amount of points, the best time counts. After the qualification round the best 32 boarders are allowed to start in the final round.
Final round
The field of 32 boarders after the qualification round will be divided into four different groups:
· RED | 1th until 8th position of the qualification round
· BLUE | 9th until 16th position of the qualification round
· YELLOW | 17th until 24th position of the qualification round
· BLACK | 25th until 32nd position of the qualification round
Riders from the RED group are allowed to choose their start position first, followed by BLUE, YELLOW and BLACK. Each run will have one rider of each group. The competition begins with the round of sixteen. The best two riders of each run go on into the next round until the final run.
There’ll be a Freestyle jam session after the boardercross competition where all riders got 45 minutes to perform their best tricks which will be judged. The riders with the best trick (landed), the highest flip and the grab with the best style will win a little price – like a date with Jomo or something like that 😉


Youngster – 16 or younger
Open – 17 or older
Master – 35 or older
Each category must have at least have two riders. Age categories aren’t final and can be changed until the event.


Mountainboards for the competition must not use brakes, an engine or any stuff like that. The maximum wheel size is 8 inch.


The lift will be in use on Friday and Saturday. Longboarders are welcome as well! Keep in mind that – for safety reasons – we’ll close down the longboard track during the qualification (Friday) and the final round (Saturday).

Around the event

The competition will take place on September 11th (Friday) and September 12th (Saturday). The accommodations are available from September 10th (Thursday) until September 13th (Sunday). If you’re planning to arrive earlier, enter the weekday in the registration. The dormitories should be available from September 7th (Monday) – this info will be updated as soon as we’ve received the confirmation for that.


You got the choice between a hostel (Hostel is booked up!), dormitories and camping. Everything is next to the event location and can be reached by feet. There is a chance to sleep in hotels nearby but you’ll need to reserve them yourself (we can support you if needed). You can find a list of hotels and apartments below.

Sulzbacher Hof (Official Sponsor) [7,9 km away]
Hotel Vesperstube Waldblick [4,4 km away]
Hotel Schoch [4,9 km away]
Fischbachhof [6,8 km away]
Gasthof Krone [7,6 km away]
Hotel Löwen [8,0 km away]
Raitelberg Resort [9,6 km away]
Pension „Vita Haus am Palmengarten“ [10,5 km away]
Ferienwohnung Heike Bauer [6,3 km away]
Ferienwohnung Haus Bauernhof
Ferienwohnung in Großerlach 1
Ferienwohnung in Großerlach 2
Ferienwohnung in Großerlach 3
Find apartments via airbnb
Find apartments via

Food & Drinks

There will be a common breakfast (Friday/Saturday/Sunday), two warm dinners (Friday/Saturday) and the chance to get some snacks during the day. Drinks can be bought at the event location all weekend. A supermarket is nearby but you’ll need a car (or somebody who drives there :P) to go there.


We’re planning to visit a brewery on Thursday, have a relaxing evening in the ski lodge at the event location on Friday and a wild aftershow party with live music and a DJ after the competition on Saturday.



Stuttgart Airport is about 80 kilometers away from Großerlach. After your arrival in Stuttgart you got the chance to a) rent a car or b) use public transport to go to Großerlach (takes about 1:35h). See „Public transport“ for more information.

Public transport

Großerlach can be reached using public transport by train and by bus. The train station is in a town called „Sulzbach (Murr)“ (yes, only great german names you’ll need to learn!) and is about 7 kilometers away from Großerlach. From Sulzbach it’s possible to get to Großerlach by bus.


If you’re traveling by car, you’re hopefully using a navigation system. The address is:
Gartenstraße 22
71577 Großerlach
There will be signs in Großerlach showing you the way to the event location because the address isn’t 100% correct.

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The costs will be for the accommodation on the one hand and for the event on the other hand.
Guest (15 €)
– Dinner (2x)
– Aftershow party
Rider (45 €)
– Dinner (2x)
– Aftershow party
– Lift for Friday and Saturday
– Registration fee
Hostel – 15€ per night (includes breakfast)
Dormitories – 10€ per night (includes breakfast)
Camping – 5€ per night (includes breakfast)


If you got any questions left, feel free to contact us using the contact form, send us an email at info[at] or a message via Facebook.

The registration is closed since September 3rd.


We’ll list all questions and answers about the event here for later reference as soon as they’re coming in.